Size, Shape, and Color Matters in Your Rock Landscaping

The Ultimate Guide for Selecting Landscape Rocks That Wow

Who knew that rocks, seemingly unimportant, could play such a critical role in your landscape design? The right stones can add texture, contrast, and a touch of the natural world to your outdoor spaces. Here are the rock landscaping guidelines you’ll need to make the most informed decisions about the rocks in your landscape:

Importance of Rock Types

Choosing the correct type of rock isn’t just about aesthetics; it also impacts their longevity and your maintenance efforts. From gravel to river stones and lava rocks, each has its distinct advantages. While some rocks are great for pathways, others are ideal for garden beds. Knowing what you want to achieve helps you narrow down your options.

Shape Matters

The shape of the rocks you choose has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your landscape. Rounded rocks offer a softer look, while angular stones present a more structured visual. And don’t forget, irregularly shaped rocks can give a more organic feel to the setting.

Colors and Your Landscape

Color coordination is not just for your home’s interior; it matters in your landscape as well. Light-colored rocks can brighten dark areas, while dark stones can add depth. Multi-colored rocks offer variety but should be used cautiously to avoid visual chaos.

Size and Scale

Size indeed matters when selecting rocks for your landscape. Smaller stones like pea gravel work well for paths. Larger rocks can become focal points or be used to create borders. Just ensure that the size of your rocks is proportional to the area where you plan to place them.

Local Sourcing

Buying locally sourced rocks benefits you in several ways. Not only does it generally cost less, but local stones naturally blend into your environment. The most important thing is to check the quality and make sure it meets your requirements.

Let the Experts Handle It

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