Rock Landscaping Contractor Ideas for River Rock Landscaping in Your Garden and Yard

Garden and Yard Landscaping Ideas Using River Rock

Landscaping with river rock means using rocks, gravel, or boulders that have been taken from rivers or other areas where water made them smooth and round. This can make your outdoor space feel more natural. You can buy river rocks online or at a store that sells home improvement items. These rocks come in different sizes, from very small ones like peas to big ones like avocados. You can use them for many things like making paths, and borders or putting them in gardens or pots. Here are some rock landscaping contractors’ ideas that may inspire you to use natural river rock for landscaping your outdoor area.

For Drainage, a Dry River Bed

If there are problems with water draining from your property or if there are parts that are inclined and water flow is an issue, making a dry river bed can be a solution. It will not only solve the problem but also enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. Use varying sizes of river rocks or stones to make a solid bed, and secure it further with dense plantings.

Colorful River Rock Garden

Your nearby seller might have many different options for river rock like different sizes, textures, and colors. These colors can range from white to black and everything in between like grey, tan, blue, purple, or even pink. There are also options for a matte or shiny finish.

Rock Garden and Groundcovers

You can create a simple and beautiful garden by using small rocks, big rocks, and plants that grow close to the ground. Pick low-growing plants that prefer well-drained soil and do not require excessive watering. Some good options are creeping phlox, creeping sedums, dianthus, and creeping bellflowers/campanula. These plants come back each year and can have their dead flowers removed and be separated into smaller plants without difficulty.

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