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Ready for your new rock landscape service? HM Stonework and Landscape is a professional rock landscaping contractor willing to work on any type of project that will enhance your property. Our services provided in Alpharetta, GA are available to anyone seeking great outcomes for landscaping projects. With our FAQ, you’ll be able to solve your doubts before starting your landscaping project.

What exactly is rock landscaping?

It is a sort of gardening in which beautiful stones and rocks are added to a plot of ground. This may be done for both aesthetically pleasing and practical reasons. Rocks, for example, can be used to construct borders around gardens or walkways through yards. You can add yard boulders to accentuate a part of your landscape. Rocks can be utilized to improve drainage or to offer additional support for plants. This type of landscaping is an excellent choice for adding a splash of color or just creating a more aesthetically-pleasing space. There are several types of rocks to pick from, allowing you to simply discover the ideal solution for your property.

How can I keep weeds out of the rocks?

For most installations, there are various weed-prevention options. We propose the following weed-prevention products: landscape fabric. It is a durable, fibrous black fabric that is laid on the prepared ground as a substrate for the rock. It is less susceptible to sunlight and easier to install. It breathes and enables water to pass through since it is porous. Weeds are prevented from sprouting through the tight weave. Another alternative is through chemicals or ecologically safe pre or post-emergence sprays. On bare ground, a pre-emergence solution is sprayed to prevent seeds from growing. It does need to be reapplied on a regular basis, depending on rain and drainage. Post-emergence sprays or solutions are used when weeds first develop in the landscape.

In high-traffic regions, what should I use?

If you have a heavy traffic area in your yard, you should avoid putting grass in certain areas since grass can be harmed by continuous foot activity. Instead, create a lovely walkway or pathway with stone pavers, ornamental rock, or a combination of the two! Our garden stonework will add an elegant look to your property in no time!

Is it safe for my pets?

Yes! Gravel and stone are also excellent options for building a pet-friendly environment where it absorbs urine and is easy to clean.

What landscaping material should I put beneath my deck or stairs?

The region beneath decks and steps is prone to accumulating water and dampness, which can lead to drainage troubles and a slew of other problems. Fill these spaces with gravel, crushed rock, or river rock to prevent water from collecting, as standing water can attract insects and cause harsh odors, as well as decaying wood. Lawn boulders can also give a special accent to the end of the deck or highlight your space.

Have more questions? Our rock landscaping is provided by our professionals in Alpharetta, GA and will be able to bring quality and a gorgeous aesthetic. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals at HM Stonework and Landscape by calling (770) 854-1050. Our reliable team is here to bring you the best results possible.